Deadline to Submit a Talk is Midnight

Today (Oct. 11th) is the last day that you can submit your idea for an Ignite talk. At midnight tonight we will no longer be accepting talks and we will begin deliberating on who will make it into the next batch of presenters. Next month, November 20th, we will be back at Town Hall and we are looking forward to seeing everyone there, whether you are giving a talk or not.

Click the Submit Talk link and fill out the form and voila!, you’re done! It’s never too late to submit your talk. Well… until midnight tonight, then it definitely will be too late. Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Deadline to Submit a Talk is Midnight”

  1. Hi, I submitted a talk idea/application but never got a confirmation of receipt. Just wanted to check that you got it (last Wednesday, Oct. 8). Thanks,


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