Challenge: Picture Phone

We like to start every Ignite off with a game or a challenge – something to get attendees up out of their seats and interacting a little bit. Tonight we’re playing a variation of the party game “Telephone”.

We’ll start by handing out small notepads and markers. On the front page of the notepad will be a drawing. Your first step will be to guess what that drawing is. Write that at the bottom of the drawing. Then you’ll flip to the next page and copy the drawing (to the best of your ability). After about 30 seconds, you’ll hand your drawing on to
the next person. They will try to guess your drawing and copy it, etc. Once everyone is done, we’ll leave all the notebooks out front so people can come down and look at them.

Doors for Ignite open at 6:30, and we’ll start the game in the main hall around 7:00. Head upstairs, grab a seat and join us.

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