3 thoughts on “Build Your Own Standing Desk – Larry Swanson”

  1. Hi Brian, thanks for the post.
    Do you have a stand up desk yourself? I ask because if you haven’t gotten one already, you should really look into getting an adjustable height desk rather than a standing one. I’ve had both and I really prefer my new adjustable height desk, because it gives me the option just IN CASE I want or need to sit down for a bit (ex: a recent foot injury. It really came in handy.)
    Anyway, if you’re in the market, check out NextDesks, where I got my adjustable height desk. I am really impressed with these guys and recommend them to anyone!
    Thanks again for the post.


  2. Thank you bryan for this blog post. Lots of people haven’t any idea of about benefit of standing desk. From your approach i think people moves towards using standing desk. One suggestion from me is build adjustable standing desk because its easily switch between sit & stand position. Some times people needs rest so they can easily switch if there desk’s are adjustable.


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