Announcing the Ignite Seattle 19 Talks

Tae Phoenix (@TaePhoenix) How to Write a Song

Have you ever wondered how songwriters create the music you listen to on Pandora or Spotify? In this talk, local singer-songwriter Tae Phoenix will give you a peek into how she makes it happen – from choosing which chord progressions go with a particular vocal phrase, to refining lyrics, to arranging, recording, mixing, mastering and releasing a finished product.

And yes, there will be singing.

Wendy Hinman We’re Gonna Die!

Imagine spending 24 hours a day with your spouse in 31 not-so-square feet . . . for years; crossing the Pacific Ocean on two gallons of fuel; and tossing spaghetti marinara around your living room, then cleaning it up while bouncing like ice in a martini shaker. My husband and I paid off our mortgage and set sail aboard a 31-foot boat that fit our budget better than it fit my husband’s large frame. We never imagined we’d be gone for seven years or have so many “character-building” and near-death encounters. But we felt truly alive. We chucked a conventional life to pursue our dreams and would do it all over again. At the end of our lives we won’t remember the safe moments, but instead the times when we pushed through our fears to follow our dreams. Don’t wait. You need to follow yours, wherever they may lead.

Jonathon Colman (@jcolman) Surviving as an Introvert in an Extroverted World

What exactly *is* introversion? It’s commonly misunderstood as shyness or a misanthropic desire to be left alone. Many extroverts mistakenly assume that introverts hate them. And that’s simply not true (well, most of the time). And many introverts think that there’s something wrong with themselves, something broken that they can’t seem to fix. And that’s not true, either.

We can do better. In this Ignite Seattle talk, we’ll learn what introversion is, what it isn’t, and specific tactics to hack ourselves and our interactions with others in order to survive in our extroverted world.

Sara Kiesler (@sarakseattle) How to Give Up Cheese

Ever wondered how vegans give up on cheese, ice cream, and all those other melty, creamy delights even vegetarians have a hard time parting with? Sara Kiesler tells you how in this inspiring, informative talk that’s anything but cheesy.

Hillel Cooperman (@hillel) How I got seriously hurt at summer camp, and ended up meeting Donnie and Marie instead.

The summer after 9th grade I got into a serious accident at summer camp that landed me in the hospital for a week. Against all odds, I wasn’t permanently damaged. Additionally, I ended up meeting Donny and Marie.

Lindsay Sharma What do Swaziland, Papua New Guinea and the United States have in common?

The United States is one of four nations in the world that does not mandate paid time off for parents to care for their newborns. Here, only certain populations are offered paid parental leave through their employers. Paid family leave should be guaranteed, not a privilege. The first 1,000 days of life are critical for a person’s lifelong health, as much as half of our health is programmed during this brief window of time.

Why should I care, you ask? I get great benefits through Microsoft, Google, or Amazon. We all suffer by depriving all parents the ability to take paid time away from work to bond and care for their children at this short but critical stage of life. The health of our nation is declining compared to others and it will only continue in this direction until we enact policies and programs that help the disadvantaged as well as the privileged. Paid Family Leave should be available to all because no one is protected from the potential negative consequences that arise when a person’s early life is compromised. Remember this the next time there is a school shooting.

Jessika Satori So you want to make an indie movie!

Many people pitch story ideas to me “you should makes this movie, it would be a great hit!” Maybe they have an inkling of what ALL has to happen in the crucible to get the thing made!
I’m a writer/director who has made give short films and have worked with the best–screenwriter Stewart Stern (Rebel Without A Cause, Sybil) Director of Photography Dan Kneece, who has collaborated with David Lynch for 20 plus years and Ron Vidor, who started the Society of Camera Operators, and logged in such films as Stand By Me, Romancing the Stone and Five Easy Pieces. My films have been screened at Ojai Film Festival, Trail Dance FF (yes it was a Western) and Poppy Jasper FF.

James Davenport (@jradavenport) Mapping the United States of Starbucks
We’ve all heard it: there’s a Starbucks on every corner, especially in Seattle! Recently I studied the distribution of Starbucks locations throughout the United States. Using math and visualization, and matching the Starbucks data to the US 2010 Census, I found some interesting results about Starbucks, and our society’s relationship to the caffeinated giant.

Adam Philipp (@mypatents) NETWORKING, the RPG

Are you a geek? An Introvert? Afraid of the crowds? Not sure what they will make of you? But you still want to connect with people? Then you want to play: NETWORKING, The Role Playing Game

On your very first dungeon/networking event you can go out and:

– slay kobolds (meet technical recruiters)
– fend off orcs (accountants and lawyers)
– drink healing/mana/attribute potions (wine/beer/whiskey)
– collect loot (contact information!)
– equip your character (get dressed up and ad props)
– form parties (agree to meet up with someone again)

and even:

– level up (move on to talking with speakers or higher level dungeons)

Hey, you already have some idea of what class you are, not let’s see what kind of alignment you goes with it!

If you apply all the skills you honed with years of playing: D&D, GammaWorld, Top Secret, etc., you will find the networking is just another great RPG except the characters are really well developed and the GameMaster is not so scary. Let’s go out and play!

Bruce Ryan (@brucery) Nothing is Impossible

The picture says a LOT.

I’ve lost 140 pounds and my wife has lost nearly 70 pounds in less than a year. I’m 50, she’s over 40. Neither of us had surgery or used any drugs to do it. I used common sense and a few modern-day tricks (iPhone app, wireless headphones, mutant tortillas, and more). We followed the same overall principle, but our actual execution methods were very different (there is no ONE best way for everyone). Also, why you don’t need a personal trainer or a fad diet or live like a hermit to lose a lot of weight.

My friends and my wife’s friends keep asking us how we did this, so the Ignite audience might be curious, too.

Kate Bergstrom (@DatesWithKate) Online Dating Tips I Have Learned After Meeting Over 100 Men

After ending a long relationship over 4 years ago, I jumped into the world of online dating. Since then, I have gone on dates with over 100 men. I learned so much and had so many…experiences, that I launched my own website,, detailing my dating adventures, one man at a time. I also started a podcast so I could share my wisdom with veterans of the dating wars along with those that are just dipping their toes into the online waters. My blog has been featured on and I have been a guest on a couple of local radio programs. I love Ignite and I think I could give a entertaining and informative talk about the perils of online dating.

Geraldine DeRuiter (@Everywhereist) Sharing Personal News Online.

We’re constantly sharing stories from our personal lives online, but what happens when the news we have to share isn’t all that good? I blogged about my brain tumor and impending surgery, and my personal stories don’t just belong to me…

Forest Gibson (@ForestGibson)How to make a viral video (and why it’s not easy)

In today’s world of viral hits and memes, it can be easy to get lost in the seemingly randomness of it all. However, there is a formula for certain types of viral content, albeit a complicated one. Following this formula can yield extremely positive results, garnering millions of views. How do I know this? Well, I have done it time and time again. With 30 million viral views under my belt, I understand what it takes to get videos seen, and why most of you don’t want to bother…

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