Why Submit a Talk for Ignite?

The talk submission deadline is just a few days away – next Monday, October 1st. We are still looking for talk submissions.

The fantastic organizers at Ignite Phoenix put together a video that summarizes what Ignite is all about. If you’ve been to an Ignite, you know about the 5-minute, 20-slide format. But the people of Phoenix share about the passion and excitement and geekery that seems to bind all Ignites together.

So what are you passionate about? What do you have to share with the rest of Seattle and the world? Tell us your story, and share your passion with us. Submit a talk today, and then join us at Town Hall on November 8th.

2 thoughts on “Why Submit a Talk for Ignite?”

  1. I would like to to present an Ignite talk on the ability of people during a disaster, and introduce a capability that I would like to see developed, preparedness. If were were able to band together in advance, we would be able to over come easier. This does not just focus on earthquakes and big crisis, but the big crisises in our own lives, such as job loss, house fire, stolen car. At the same time this talk will bring together the opportunity on how this can help our communities and the continued loss of services in our government funding in educational and preparedness programs. This talk will be lively, informative and inspirational for all to do little things of good that collectively build a larger good for the people. I am excited are you? Thanks. Cheers. Pascal


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