Catherine Carr – You Are Not Your SAT Score @mamatweeta

Working in Cranium’s editorial department for 8+ years, I got hooked on Dr. Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory, and I still find it to be a uniquely powerful tool for inspiration and general perspective-broadening. And in the current educational climate, when just about everything revolves around reading and math scores, I also think it’s incredibly important for the kids (and grown-ups!) in the crowd to hear these messages:

  1. There are lots of ways (beyond just “reading” and “math”) to be smart!
  2. We’re naturally inclined toward some of the intelligences, but we can improve and develop in any of them.
  3. If something seems tedious or difficult to you, you can use the multiple intelligences to change your perspective.

About Catherine Carr

After leading Cranium’s editorial team for 8+ years, Catherine Carr runs her own consulting business, focusing on the intersection of brand and content and authentic consumer engagement. Through speaking gigs and client work (including projects for Giant Thinkwell, Wonder Forge, and PhotoRocket, among others), Catherine loves communicating ideas in creative ways. She also makes a mean homemade Bolognese.

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