Jen Matson – Field Guide to Record Collectors

While everyone (of a certain age) remembers the first record they bought as a kid, only a small number of us end up loving the spinning slab of vinyl as much as the music itself.

Drawing on my own experience both as a longtime music geek and onetime used record store clerk, I’d like to present a High Fidelity-style Top Five List covering the most common habits and characteristics of that odd breed known as the record collector. Through a few profiles of collectors I have known and loved, I’ll cover such mysteries as:

– Why people own multiple copies of what appear to be the same record
– What is the proper record fair etiquette
– The sanctity of the first pressing

About Jen Matson

Almost from the moment she started buying records sometime in the early eighties, Jen Matson was just as interested in the format as the sound, creating her very first record database on the family PC to catalog her small crate of vinyl. While her love of music led her through a series of jobs as a record store clerk, college radio music director, music journalist and record label webmaster, she eventually put that organizational streak to use in her current career as a user experience architect. You can find her on Twitter @nstop

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