ThingOut! a DIY Festival

Ignite Seattle and Dorkbot Seattle are collaborating to bring you a new kind of festival this August. On the afternoon of Saturday, August 20th (before Ignite Seattle 15), we’ll be opening up the Fremont Outdoor Movie Cinema parking lot (N. 35th St. & Phinney Ave) for builders, garage hackers, diy makers and the generally curious. Everyone is encouraged to bring an interesting project to share or something to show off. There are a few caveats, though. We have a limited amount of power, so we can’t promise electricity for everyone. And if you’re bringing something dangerous (please do!), let us know, so we can make sure the appropriate signage gets posted.

If you’re interested in participating, or if you know of a cool project we should seek out, let us know in the comments of this post, or on the Facebook Wall. We’ll be adding additional information about the event as we get closer to the day. Get building!

8 thoughts on “ThingOut! a DIY Festival”

  1. I have just invented a liquid nitrogen hovercraft. It’s not large enough for people [yet] but could carry, say, a squirrel. To demonstrate this I need a large [4′ x8′] smooth, level
    surface and I am wondering If this might be available at the event. I also have many other liquid nitrogen performance pieces some of them can be viewed at jjplabs on you tube.


  2. I don’t think so, however I am working on a table that can be leveled. I have found that when performing on the ground people tend to crowd in close and block everyone
    else’s view. Nathan-


  3. Hi Craig.
    We have been looking at the commercial units and I would love to do a DIY. Can you share any info on the one you built?
    Thank you in advance,


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