Living the OG Lifestyle – (Original Geek, that is) – Sarah Novotny @sarahnovotny

geeks have lead the most recent evolution of our society and some do it better than others. i’ve been incredibly curious about how geek praxis outside of a professional setting has contributed to geek success and would like to share a few ways i’ve found that geeks harness their obesssions and obsessive natures for fun and profit.

As a young geek i know said “feel free to make fun of me now, i’ll forgive you and maybe even hire you when we’re adults”.

About Sarah Novotny

Sarah is constantly seeking ways to promote Seattle as a technology mecca. She is a founder of and evangelist in open source databases for Blue Gecko. She is additionally a Program Chair for OSCON and the Chair of the IOUG’s MySQL Council. For Twittery things, check out @sarahnovotny and to connect with her on LinkedIn wander over to

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