Life lessons from a [recovering] Alpha Male – Nathalie Molina Niño @globalmisfit

Since launching her first internet dot com at 21, Nathalie’s been neck deep in high-tech, masculine, start up juice. She recently left Seattle, her dream home and a $100M business she helped found in order to chill out, meditate and continue her path as a recovering Alpha Male in relaxing New York City. During her first return to her beloved Seattle as a special guest at SIFF 2011′s opening GALA, hear Nathalie as she comes out publicly about her personal experience as a global business misfit and how it took nearly killing someone for her to realize she needed to rethink how businesses work.

About Nathalie Molina

Nathalie Molina Niño - Ignite Seattle 14Nathalie is the Senior Director of Strategic Development in Media & Ads at Lionbridge, explores the perilous new world of translation since the advent of global crowdsourcing, search and social media. You can find her online at her personal site, and on Twitter, @globalmisfit.

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