How to Go to Kindergarten – Scott Ruthfield @scottru

When I was a kid, you started Kindergarten down the street, or maybe the Catholic school a few blocks away. Today, though, Seattle parents have an incredibly complex system of both public and private schools – and parents don’t know how to navigate it (or that there’s even anything to navigate).

If you might have a kid entering Kindergarten someday, and you’re the kind of person who builds a 10-column spreadsheet to pick the next flat screen TV, you might want to know how this process works – and how to optimize for your own family.

About Scott Ruthfield

Scott Ruthfield - Ignite Seattle 14Scott is the CEO & Founder of Rooster Park , a technology consulting and staffing firm. Before that, he led software engineering organizations at various small and large companies around Seattle. He and his wife obsessed over the kindergarten process for their older daughter (who had a great year!), and he used this talk to pass his burden on to the rest of you. You can find Scott on Twitter @scottru.

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