The Art of Subvertising on Facebook – Teresa Valdez Klein

All of us have been conditioned from birth by our families, our friends, and marketers to want (or not want) certain things. And while I’m a big fan of Facebook, I have this theory that it reinforces social conditioning in some pretty insidious ways.

In this talk, I’ll explain how I used Facebook’s self-serve advertising platform to combat the social pressure cooker.

About Teresa Valdez Klein

Teresa Valdez Klein - Ignite Seattle 14Teresa runs her business, sings to her cat, picks herself up when she fails, and tries to enjoy the journey. She gets really mad when marketers tell her that her life isn’t shiny enough so she’ll spend money on things that won’t make her happy. She describes her relationship with social computing and consumer technology as “complicated but loving” – which she thinks is the only kind of relationship worth having. You can find her on Twitter @TeteSagehen and on her Web site,

3 thoughts on “The Art of Subvertising on Facebook – Teresa Valdez Klein”

  1. Love it! Going through the same thing in a slightly different way; if I see/hear about 1 more pregnancy announcement I am going off the deep end! Why is it that when you are single it’s when are you getting married, when you’re engaged it’s tell me about the wedding then if/when you get married and it’s when are you having kids…..what about other things in life like just being happy and support for people who are sick or struggling with different issues….like infertility. Life is hard enough with out the constant advertisements telling us what our life is suppose to include. Great post! Love what you did!


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