Sociopathic Boardgaming: Fun for Everyone – Mehal Shah

You like board gaming, but lately the fun has gone out for you. Maybe you have a closet full of board games that never get played anymore. Maybe you have an hyper-competitive jackass attending your board game nights, who you feel ruins the fun for everyone. Maybe you just hate following a bunch of silly rules in your games and the fun goes away after half an hour. Let’s re-examine what makes board gaming great and see how we can modify existing games to make them fun again, and how turning up the hostility is often the best way to turn up the fun.

About Mehal Shah

Mehal Shah - Ignite Seattle 14By day, Mehal works as a software developer at By night, Mehal is still probably working. But when he has time, he’ll geek out on bouldering problems, cryptic crosswords, and board games. Two years ago, in an attempt to conquer his fear of public speaking and to impress a girl, he volunteered to speak at Ignite. This year, he returned to answer his critics from his first speech.

You can find Mehal on Twitter @mehals

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