Jonathan Evans – Infants- The Terrifying Danger of a UX Edge Case

Those of us in the UX world focus on how to satisfy users. However, when we use the term “user experience,” we ignore one persona: Age less than 2. They are the ultimate edge case; approximately 3% of the population, but with a grand scheme to take over the planet. Right now, millions of babies are growing up in a world that appears actively user-hostile. Using my own daughter as a test subject, I’ll show you how to minimize their rage and lingering resentment and make the world a better place for the people who will be changing our bedpans in fifty years.

About Jonathan

Jonathan wandered across the US and, as a vampire, found himself enjoying the climate in Seattle. He’s not quite sure how he ended up with a wife, child, and dog, but he’s quite happy with the whole scenario. While trying to improve user experience in people’s lives, he decided to focus on his daughter for a little while, and thought he should share his findings with the good people of Ignite Seattle.

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