Amanda Koster – I May Have Had More Impact On a Cheeseburger

Doral Chenoweth: a viral video (made by a flip camera) of a homeless guy with a great voice spread like wildfire and his life was changed forever. A very simple act of grace, a few hours on the computer and pow, massive impact. SalaamGarage: thousands of dollars spent, thousands of miles traveled, pro gear and award winning media makers with social media at their fingertips capturing stories of people in dire need. Where is the impact? What’s wrong with this company? SalaamGarage, several years later.

About Amanda

Amanda Koster is an acclaimed photojournalist, founder of, pubic speaker and author who can’t spell worth beans. After speaking all over the country about how to combine media making and giving a darn, she still calls Seattle home and the Ignite Stage her playground. Her talk “I May Have More Impact On Cheezeburger” was a short story that made a big difference for women dealing with fistula in Ethiopia .

A note from Amanda: Thanks Ignite! You raised $2600 in 5 minuets and paid for 8. 5 fistula surgeries!

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