Ignite Archives: Rob Gruhl: How to Buy a New Car

Rob Gruhl is one of the few people on the planet who actually enjoys the process of buying a new car. He was invited to speak to Ignite Seattle in August 2007 to share his secrets on how to buy a new car without getting screwed in the process!

5 Days until Ignite 12!

One thought on “Ignite Archives: Rob Gruhl: How to Buy a New Car”

  1. Even though Rob created this video a couple years ago, the strategy is still the best way to get a deal on a car. It’s unfortunate that you still have to negotiate like this and I’m looking forward to the day when you just get every dealers’ best prices up front (sorta like searching for a TV on google shopping). But until that happens, sending emails to car dealers is the best way to get a deal.

    Not to self-promote (well maybe a tiny bit), but to help people use the strategy Rob outlines, I’ve actually created some email samples to send to car dealers (free on my website, just follow the link by my name).


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