Ignite Seattle 11 is TONIGHT!

Tonight at the King Kat Theater, we are proud to present, Ignite Seattle 11. Somehow I have successfully avoided making any references to Spinal Tap when talking about the event. Doors open at 7pm, our pre-event starts at 7:30 and speakers start at 8:30.

If you can’t make it, we will have a live feed of the event over on our Live Stream page.

Without further ado, here is our list of speakers (in order of appearance):

First Set

Frank Catalano (@FrankCatalano) How Science Is Destroying My Childhood
I love science: As a kid, I marveled at planets such as Pluto, wanted to see a real dinosaur, and enjoyed mysterious sea creatures. My love of science spawned a career including stints as a science and tech reporter, science-fiction writer and, lately, tech industry consultant. But science is slowly erasing my childhood, and Pluto was just the start. It appears no planet — or creature — is safe.

Jenny Lam (helveticagirl) – What Not to Wear: the typography edition

Todd Bishop (toddbishop) The Geek’s Guide to Seattle: Understanding Our Nerd Heritage

Michelle Bates Toying with Creativity – the Joys of Plastic Cameras
The world of photography has become a race for the newest and most advanced cameras. Spin the wheels of technology backwards with Michelle Bates as she introduces you to the wonders of image-making with simple plastic cameras that use film and have no adjustments. See world-class photographers using Holgas and other toy cameras for fine-art, photojournalism, portraiture, fashion, commercial and editorial photography. Learn how going low-tech can open up a whole new world for your creativity!

Andrew Hyde (andrewhyde) I own 15 things: The Art of Minimalism and Travel
Recently I gave away or sold almost 1000 items I owned. I now just own 15 and am embarking on a yearlong vagabond around the world. Homeless, unemployed and without any direct purpose or plan; I’m either the most alive or the most alone I’ve ever been. This Spark will be about the unintended consequences of these actions.

Myra Stephens (SniperWulfzen) Citing your sources: Controlling Hazardous Substances in Consumer Goods
That hoodie you’re wearing? It might surprise you to know that potentially every part of it – zipper, thread, fabric, etc – came from a different source. In a free market economy, corners are frequently cut in order to keep high profit margins, which can result in cheap goods containing potentially hazardous substances. Through elementary sketches, let me help you become an enlightened consumer.

Roy Leban (royleban) Anatomy of a Crossword
In this talk, I’ll discuss lessons learned from solving and constructing crosswords and other kinds of puzzles, reasons why everybody should solve puzzles, and how creating puzzles can you make you a better solver (and maybe a better person).

Jenny Ingram (jennyonthespot) How To Be An Internet Movie Phenom Without Taking Your Clothes Off!
Vlogging is all the rage. But let’s face it… YouTube has far, FAR more crappy vlogs than awesome ones. What does it take to go from “crap” to “awesome”? I have some ideas, and not one of them includes taking off your clothes for the camera.

Second Set

Jacob Appelbaum (ioerror) Going Dark

Lisa Bronwyn (junefontaine) Finding Your Nietzsche
What do you when you’re 36, for example, and still have no idea what you want to be when you grow up? What if you missed every memo and hint thrown your way? What if, horror of horrors, you were sick during finger painting class in kindergarten and that very day held the clue to your future self?

Roberto Hoyos (throwboy) King of Geeky Pillows: How I turned a one-time sewing hobby into a global business
Once upon a time, I was selling products for Apple. Today, I’m selling my own product and my own idea.

Cheri Walters (@dearcheri) How to Taste Wine Like a Smarty Pants – 5 Steps to Building Your Palate
Many assume a golden palate is required to experience the nuances of wine. But this just isn’t true. In fact, if you were born with the ability to see, smell and taste you too can train your palate to compete with the experts.

Tom Music (@tommusic) Lymphomartini: Immutiny on the Bounty
Knowing something is wrong, but not knowing why (or what you can do about it) is scary. Even scarier is when that something is cancerous! After learning the mechanical side of what he faced, and the ways to attack it, Tom was mentally ready to join the fight for his life.

Damiana Merryweather (merryweather2u)
Wookin’ Pa Nub on the Internets or A guide to successfully navigating online dating
Finding a love match has never been easy. Especially for those of us who work a lot, have busy lives already or who aren’t naturals at standing out in group settings. Thankfully, that is what internet dating sites are for. Unfortunately, being good at coding or running complex Google searches doesn’t mean that you a natural at on-line dating.

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