Wanna help with Ignite Seattle on Monday, June 14th?

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but we’re getting a bit more organized here at Ignite Seattle. So much so that we’ve identified a few things we could really use some help with for our next Ignite on Monday, June 14th.

If you’re a fit for one of the following, please fill out the “I’d like to help form below” and we’ll get in touch.

  • Door Help
    We need one more volunteer to help collect money and stamp folks at the door. This is the second time we’ve charged $5 for the event and having more dedicated people to move things along will help a ton.
  • Lighting Setup / Board Oversight
    Do you know anything about event lighting? Are you technical/mechanical person who likes to figure things out? Our needs are pretty simple but we need someone to meet with the venue, coordinate setup, and push a few buttons during the event.
  • Spot Light
    Relatedly, we need a volunteer to run the spotlight during the event. Again, even if you’ve never run a spot before, if you are a technical/mechanical person who likes to figure things out, why not give it a go?
  • Projector Shepherd
    We need someone to aim / focus the projector and then make sure it doesn’t come unplugged. Let me tell you that this is a very important role. Bad things happen when the projector goes down in a room of geeks.
  • Runners
    We always need something at the last minute. Grabbing food for all the volunteers. Helping setup the Make mixer activity. Filling in for the volunteer who got stuck on the 520. Join us. It’ll be fun.

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