Thanks, Seattle!

Last night, Ignite Seattle had the honor of winning the “Best Event for Startups” at the Seattle 2.0 awards. We won entirely through the community nominating us and voting for us, so we wanted to say a big “thank you”. Ignite Seattle would not be as fantastic an event as it is without your feedback, your talks and your participation. Thanks so much from all of us!

Techflash has a story on the event last night. Scroll down for a pic of Randy, Bryan and myself accepting the award. You can see a few more pics on the Seattle 2.0 Facebook page. We’ll see you on June 14th!

One thought on “Thanks, Seattle!”

  1. Congrats, guys! I’m still in awe of Ignite. It was one of the first events I attended when I moved to Seattle, and the first of a number of signs that Seattle is where I want to stay.


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