How to Have An Argument – Mónica Guzmán & Jason Preston

Accomplished contrarians, Ignite alums, and fiancées, Jason and Mónica will share the secrets of how to have an argument that doesn’t involve legal fees. Their talk also marks an Ignite first, a tag team talk.

About Jason Preston

Jason is currently the Director Jason Preston and Mónica Guzmán - Ignite Seattle 9of New Media at Parnassus Group, the company responsible for the 140 | The Twitter Conference. You can find Jason on Twitter at Jasonp107, on his blog or sharing his gaming expertise on his site, l33tsauce.

About Mónica Guzmán

Mónica Guzmán - Ignite Seattle 7
Mónica Guzmán is a reporter for the Seattle PI‘s Big Blog You can find her on Twitter @moniguzman.

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