Submit a talk to Ignite Seattle 10

Ignite Seattle 10 is happening on June 14th and talk submissions are open. If you have a 5 minute talk that will inspire, teach or just make people think then throw your hat in the ring. We’ll take ~16 speakers (and no repeats from last time). Get your talk in by May 14th.

Submit your talk here.

If you need inspiration about “How and Why to Give an Ignite Talk,” Scott Berkun can help you out. We’ll have talks from the last Ignite Seattle posted here soon, say stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Submit a talk to Ignite Seattle 10”

  1. 21+ still?

    Can we make sure that gets into all of the announcements (upper right corner of the homepage, each blog entry, all the emails).

    Looking forward to it..


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