Defamation and Twitter: A Practical Guide to Covering Your Ass – Jason Carmel

A little warm up for tonight’s event, Jason Carmel’s fantastic (and hysterical) talk about the legal do’s and don’ts involving Twitter.

Here’s Jason’s pitch:

Should you really send that tweet calling your competitor a “douchebag”? What about that status update letting the world know how your mechanic is a “lying, cheating scumbag who would steal medicine from a pediatric ward?” How liable are you for giving all the baddies out there a well-deserved, spleen-filled bitch-slap?

In this talk, I will walk through a very quick explanation of defamation law and explain how it might apply to the social media landscape. I will also provide a few practical ways that might protect your right as an American to roast the bejeezus out of the asshats of the world, without getting sued into oblivion.

About Jason Carmel

Jason Carmel - Ignite Seattle 8During the day you can find Jason Carmel as a senior optimization manager at ZAAZ. You can also find him on Twitter @defenestrate99

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