Ignite Seattle #9 is this Thursday!

Ignite Seattle #9 is this Thursday! It’s going to be at the King Cat Theatre. Doors open at 7:00PM. To cover rising costs the door price will be $5.

It’s one of 65+ Ignite events happening around the world right now. You can follow the action at http://igniteshow.com and on Twitter with the #giw tag.

Ignite Seattle Details
Ignite Seattle will feature ~15 speakers. Doors will open at 7:00PM. The gumdrop building contest starts at 7:30PM and the talks will start at 8:30PM. We have had our venue costs go up significantly and we will be charging $5 at the door.

We’d like to welcome Ignite Seattle’s first sponsor! Synapse designs nifty products.

Sponsor Ignite Seattle
We are looking for more sponsors. You’ll be put on the website, tweeted about, thanked profusely at the event and have the heart-warming knowledge that you helped make Ignite possible.

21+ Only
Unfortunately, due to pressure from the State Liquor Board the King Cat is no longer able to support a mixed age crowd. This sucks. We know it sucks, however we can’t expect the venue to risk losing its license. Right now the King Cat is the only venue in town that is feasible. If you know of another let us know.

Global Ignite Week
What started in Seattle has spread around the world. During the first ever Global Ignite Week there are ~65 events happening on 6 continents. On Thursday there will be over 30 events.

Ignite has launched a video portal. There are almost 40 cities represented with several hundred videos aggregated together. Start with Seattle, but definitely check out other cities’ talks.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Go To Ignite
Mashable wrote up a very insightful list of reasons to come to Ignite. If you need help getting your housemate to join you for the evening, send it to them.

Speaker Line-up
Randy has posted them.

2 thoughts on “Ignite Seattle #9 is this Thursday!”

  1. I don’t really have anything much constructive to add, but let me just say for the record, that my 16 year old step-daughter was genuinely disappointed when we showed up and were turned away at the door.
    In addition you (and the King Cat) lost 2 attendees who would have contentedly paid the new admission fee if she had been allowed in. Possibly even bought a drink. From what I could tell at 6:55pm at the door, the additional attendees would have been helpful.

    My one constructive suggestion is that if you are going to make “significant” changes after your announcement email, it is worth putting an additional email in people’s INBOX to mention them:
    * By the way there is a $5 door fee now
    * By the way it is 21+ now

    If you did send an update email, or I missed it in the original, then it is my bad.


    1. Sorry to hear that. We posted as far in advance when we realized we would have to charge for the event. The fee for the venue changed as we were busy planning. We did announce that on the blog and via email.

      Regrettably, we found out even later in the process that the venue was restricting access to 21 and older and while we did announce via email, I suspect it may have been just prior to the event. Sorry for the lost night out.


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