Changes to Ignite Seattle

For the first time ever, Ignite Seattle will be charging at the door. We hope that you find the $5 a reasonable amount to part with for attending the event.

We are choosing to do this due to an increase in venue fees, to make Ignite Seattle sustainable (and not just coming out of volunteers pockets), and to contribute money to local education projects via Donor’s Choose.


In a similar vein, we are looking for 2-3 companies to sponsor this year’s events. Please contact josh /at/ if you are interested.

2 thoughts on “Changes to Ignite Seattle”

  1. Consider presales of tickets. Then have seperate lines, one for buying tickets and the other for entry.

    Then it will encourage presale which will give you upfront cash, and people who get tickets can go right in, making the whole thing faster for everyone.


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