Ignite Seattle 5: The Schedule

We have 16 great talks for Ignite this Tuesday. They range from how to do better at your job to the game of Go to the elections. It’s going to be a great night. The talks start at 8, but doors open at 7. So come to the CHAC and have a beer with us before the show begins.

8:00PM – First Set of Talks

  1. Ellen KowalczykLiving with (and not killing) the entrepreneur in your life
    Creative ways on managing money, time, personal space and the emotional ups and downs of living with a startup junkie.
  2. Noah IliinskyGeneration of Complex Diagrams: How to Make Lasagna Instead of Spaghetti
    A system for creating good diagrams, starting with perception and cognition, and ending by advising key choice points.
  3. Jeff BarrHow to be a Technology Evangelist
    Jeff will talk about the theory and practice of technology evangelism – what it is and how it is done.
  4. Adam PhilippHow to Roll Your Own Patent Application
    Got an Idea? Is it new? Is it useful? Is it obvious? Yes, Yes, No! Patent it! Or at least get the provisional filed.
  5. Vj Vijai- Hacking the Technical Interview
    Use NLP, Hypnosis and other Jedi Mind tricks to land the exact job that you want
  6. Dick CarlsonBad Powerpoint! Bad! Bad! Do your Powerpoint presentations suck? Yes, they do. Admit it. Maybe we can fix it, just a little.
  7. Helen CookThe most beautiful game in the world
    The first half of this talk will teach you how to play the most beautiful game in the world: go.
  8. Sarah Schacht – Run the Government: A Primer for Online Citizens
    Web 2.0 has been around for a few years. US democracy-over 200. On/offline best practices & tools for citizen activism.
  9. Ramez NaamBottoms Up – Putting Employees, Information, and Customers In Charge of Business
    What if businesses were market democracies? Would they be more effective? More conscientious? How do we make it so?


9:15PM – Second Set of Talks

  1. Alex Steffen – World Changing
  2. Monica Guzman – How to be an awesome news story commenter
    A few tips on how you can use news story comment boards to improve local journalism and help reporters help you.
  3. Ryan McMinnA pseudoscience guide to geek dating
    How the things you know and love like numbers, stats, charts & obsessive tendencies can actually help your dating life.
  4. todd sawickiHistory of Online Advertising
    From the 1st banner ad to where spam came from to the rise of the dreaded pop – its all explained so you’ll who to blame
  5. Justin MartensteinThe Six Hour Startup
    Is it possible to take a startup from idea to implementation in a Saturday afternoon?
  6. Josh KopelFun without function
    Creative adults love to play. At MakePhilly we are working on some simple rules that give them the excuse they need.
  7. Jordan Andersen – Opinion Systems
    Online debate, why our “Information Systems” are poor at organizing opinion, and some ideas achieving consensus on-line
  8. Matt MayAccessibility Helps You
    From curb cuts to phone trees, accessible tech makes our lives easier; Why to apply accessibility to the work we do.
  9. Heather Ralph – Hacking elections: Getting your favorite politicians elected (legally)
    I will describe some of the most effective ways to get people elected, from doorbelling to YouTube videos.

2 thoughts on “Ignite Seattle 5: The Schedule”

  1. Yet another great Ignite. Thanks to all for hosting, working, speaking, etc! Any word on the videos yet? I have some friends drooling with anticipation.


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