Come to Thingamajiggr!

You are cordially invited to Thingamajiggr, a unique event co-hosted by O’Reilly Radar and Waggle Labs celebrating Seattle’s tech scene with great people, innovative technology, and grooving DJs. More info below:

Evening schedule:

· 7:30, doors open

· 8:00-9:30ish, Opening presentations

John Kao, renown author and innovation expert, will kick off the evening with a presentation on the topic of his new book, Innovation Nation: How America is Losing its Innovation Edge, Why it Matters, and What We Can Do to Get it Back. See interview on Colbert Report and book review at: .

We will then have a few short presentations from local tech innovators in the style of Ignite, followed by Pablos and 3ric’s hacker magic show.

· 9:30 Start Mobile Team Werewolf

We decided, in honor of the werewolf craze that has consumed the tech scene, to create a mobile team werewolf game, party version! While chatting with friends and drinking martinis you will be hunting for werewolves. Bring your cell phone, it will be your game console. Be sure to show up before 9:30 if you want to play.

· 9:30pm – 2:00am, party with DJs and miscellaneous hackery/art

Amidst the bloodbath of villagers and werewolves you will enjoy the music (be sure to check out DJ Ludington’s Live PA setup), video projections of wireless infrared cameras, tesla coils, iron trees, and of course, the bar. You may also choose to experience Josh Lind’s subversive radio transmitter/antennae DJ action using his tub of radios.

Venue and dress:

The party is located in a raw warehouse space that was transformed into a 1920s style “speakeasy” for private events. In honor of both the venue and the tech scene, we suggest you dress to impress for the swank 2020s.

Where will the proceeds go?

We wanted to let you decide which tech non-profit we should send our proceeds to, so you will be voting on Friday.

How else can you participate?

If you have some tech/art/hackery you would like to bring, let us know. It’s never too late! We will be setting up Thursday and Friday, and taking down Saturday, if you would like to help. Email

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