Free 360 Flex Pass from Picnik

360 Flex is a Seattle developer conference. As they describe themselves:

360|Flex was the first all Flex/Apollo themed conference. Our inaugural conference in San Jose was a sell-out success. No doubt due to Adobe’s Flex Evangelist, Ted Patrick, helping to rally the community. This conference takes you into the nitty-gritty of Flex development. If you’re serious about Flex, then you need to attend this conference.

360|Flex is a community driven event. The sole purpose of the show is to bring the best of the Flex community together in one place to share war stories from the trenches and to allow the experts to share their deep technical knowledge to a large group. Another benefit is finally being able to put a face, voice and personality onto the bloggers, flexcoders and article writers that you’ve come to depend on.

Picnik, the awesome online photo-editor, is giving a way one pass to 360 Flex. The first Flex Developer to mail Picnik founder Mike Harringon gets it. Use mike at picnik dotcom.

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