Thanks and Some Links


I’d like to thank all the attendees, volunteers, the CHAC, the people who promoted the event, and the speakers. It was an amazing event and it couldn’t have happened without you all.

As promised here are some of the links mentioned in presentations last night:

Noonhat – Changing the world through lunch

VC Term Sheets – Leo Dirac has put up his slides, but has judged that the spreadsheets aren’t ready to be shared yet. We’ll post them here when they are.

Jobs – in case you were interested both Ontela and Mifos are hiring.

Art Not Content – Before Scotto (in pic) started pondering the artist merits of LOLCats, he made a two season video series entitled “Cherub: The Vampire with Bunny Slippers“. I helped, but don’t hold that against it; it really is funny — especially if you are familiar with the Buffyverse.

Werewolf RulesHere you go.

Thanks again!

(Photo credit: Stewtopia, stay-at-home-blogger)

2 thoughts on “Thanks and Some Links”

  1. The presentations were great – I don’t know if it’s the competition aspect or just a good network of peeps but they were all top notch! I especially enjoyed ‘How To Buy a Car’ and hope that guy gets his own sitcom.

    That said, maybe I’m the lone rebel in the latest web 2.0 fad but I found the whole twitter thing sort of distracting and unnecessary. Can’t the twitter freaks just access that on their hand-helds?


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