Ignite Seattle 4 Schedule

Here is the final order for the Ignite Seattle talks this Wednesday!Starting at 8:30:
Make Art Not Content
Scotto Moore

Hacking Chocolate
Shawn Murphy

Small medicine: Nanotechnology and biology
Deepak Singh

Run the Government: A Primer for Online Citizens
Sarah Schacht

No, not skin: Epidemiology for the layman
Maegan Ashworth

How to buy a new car
Rob Gruhl

Werewolf Strategy
HB Siegel

Startup Metrics for Pirates: AARRR!
Dave McClure

Starting at 9:45
Is 2008 the year the “Third Screen” takes center stage?
Beth Goza

Ten valuable lessons you shouldn’t learn from your last job
Dan Shapiro

Venture Capital Term Sheets
Leo Dirac

An embarrassment of riches – the story of Noonhat
Brian Dorsey

Building Real Community
Scott Kennedy

WikiProgress & Gross National Happiness (GNH)
Jesse Robbins

Mifos: Open Source Software for Microfinance
George Conrad

LIFE: if you’re bored, you’re doing it wrong
Elan Lee

Unfortunately, Derek Shaw was not able to give his talk on Cluttr. Dan Shapiro was able to fill the spot at the last minute. Thanks Dan!

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