Playing Cruel 2 B Kind? Read this.

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Dear Cruel 2 B Kind Assassins,

This email contains your 3 secret weapons, plus a few killer tips, for your
Saturday afternoon game.

Read this entire email carefully, or you’ll wind up dead faster than you can
say “There’s something’s rotten in the state of Seattle…”

The four most important things to do before the game

1) Learn the Booty Variant rules before you come. No one will explain the
game to you when you get there. Here are the rules:

2) Each and every player must bring a piece of booty to surrender!

3) If you haven’t printed your handy pocket-sized guide to benevolent
assassination, you can download it here and bring it to the game with you: . You may want to print
this email as well.

4) Call or SMS to 206.355.1091 when you arrive within game boundaries,
between 1:30 PM and 2:00 PM tomorrow, to check-in. You can use any phone to
play, and don’t worry about the earlier email request to confirm your phone
via text message. Any phone you bring is fine. And if you are calling, and I
don’t pick up, you can always leave a voice mail message to check in, report
kills, or ask for live assistance.

The boundaries for your game are:

Cal Anderson Park & surroundings (Boundaries: North – Denny, South – Pike,
East – 12th, West –  Broadway)

You have 3 weapons to use in your Saturday afternoon game.

WEAPON A – Wish your targets a happy made-up holiday
WEAPON B – Notice something “intriguing” about your targets
WEAPON C – Mistake your targets for celebrities

You can use ANY of these weapons at any time. You can also be killed by any
of these weapons, at any time.

Killer Tip #1: After you check-in (text or call the live
puppet master at 206.355.1091 between 1:30 and 1:59 PM), there will be no
official announcement that the game has started. When your watch says 2:00
PM, start killing!

Killer Tip #2: Be stealthy in your attacks! If another team
spots you being cruel and kind, you’ll instantly become their target. Keep a
low profile to stay alive longer and to pull off sneak attacks!

If you catch a team off-guard and manage to attack them BEFORE they try to
attack you, ANY weapon you choose will effectively kill them.

However: If both teams start attacking simultaneously, you will apply a
rock-paper-scissors system to determine which weapon was the most deadly.


Write this on a scrap of paper or your hand before tomorrow’s game so you
don’t forget which weapons outranks another!

SAME WEAPONS used during the same encounter cancel each other out. You have
30 seconds to flee and cannot kill each other in this time. You can then
stalk and attack again, or move on to a different target.

Killer Tip #3: You (and your teammates) must be within 5
feet of your target(s) at the time of attack. If a team tries to attack you
from across the street or halfway down the block, you can refuse to

When you successfully kill a team, immediately text or call the puppet
master with the dead team’s name. Report your kill as soon as possible, to
maximize your point total! When you’ve collected your booty, join forces
with your victims and keep stalking your prey…

When you are killed, surrender your personal booty to any ONE player whose
attack impressed you most.

Killer Tip #4: Collected booty is worth big points at the
end of the game. So even if you get killed first, you can still be one of
the top players… IF you impress your future victims and convince them you
are worthy of their booty.

Killer Tip # 5: The game will end with a text message or
phone call from the puppet master. (You’ll get the secret location for the
assassins awards and debriefing.) Until the PM contacts you, there are still
alive assassins that need to be killed!

Remember: If you have any questions about how to play Cruel 2 B Kind, you
can reply to this email before Saturday. During the game, you can call the
live puppet master at 206.355.1091!

Good luck tomorrow. Be cruel! Be kind!

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