Thanks For Helping at Ignite 3

Bre and I would like to thank the following people for their help before, during and after Ignite 3.

Thanks to:

Matt May – He left the event to get us a projector; we would have been screwed without him.
Allegra Searle-LeBel – She ran a camera helped with video setup
Ryan Stewart – He was the live twitterer.
Paolo Tosolini – He ran a third video camera and edited the awesome behind the scenes video. Connie Savoie – She braved the onslaught of paper airplanes to hold up the hula-hoop.

Special thanks to:
Bryan Zug – He is the lead cameraman, a/v guy, and editor of the ignite videos.
Jesse Robbins – He is the speaker and presentation wrangler
Gabriel Williams – He made an admin form that none of you saw, but saved me a ton of time.

And thanks to everyone who came and has been supporting us.

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