The Next Batch of Ignite Speakers

You’ve created your new killer app or your new business. How are you going to connect to your audience? The following talks may be a bit of a help.

  1. Heather Flanagan (PeopleGeekTV – How Video Blogging Creates Cultural Innovation
  2. This should be a highly entertaining presentation about the potential of vlogging to create greater collective compassion and empathy as well as providing a laboratory for cultural innovations and experimentation. With a blog or vlog one has the ability to create and collaborate on a micro-culture with new paradigms and agreements. This can pave the way for positive changes in the macro-culture. This presentation should open bloggers and vloggers eyes about the power they have to innovate socially and be a little less Jerry Springery in their blogs. Even the mighty Robert Scoble can benefit from this discusion.

  3. Christopher Johnson (Phrasetrain The Name Inspector) – The Science (and Art) of Naming
  4. Many of you have faced, or will face, the challenge of naming a company, a blog, a product, or a service. In this talk The Name Inspector will give uncensored voice to his inner geek and present a lightning intro to the science (and art) of names, drawing heavily on linguistics, cognitive science, and his own experience as a namer and name analyst. He’ll talk about the mechanics of speech sound production, the symbolic properties of sounds, the structure of syllables, the poetics of names, the morphological types of names, the way words and their meanings are stored and accessed in memory, the conceptual principles of metaphor and metonymy at the root of word associations, and–using some prominent examples–not only what but HOW names mean.

  5. Chuck Pettis (BrandSolutions, Inc. Earth Sanctuary) – Differences Between Men & Women in Personal Life & Advertising
  6. Men and women aren’t just from Mars and Venus. We are from different galaxies! Learn about some of the key male-female differences based on recent brain research that can help you improve your personal relationships with the opposite sex and improve the effecitivness of your marketing and advertising.

The impact of video on the culture you live and work in, the sway of names, and power of gender – they all have my interest piqued.

Ignite Seattle is a geek event that combines on-site geekery, sharing, and innovation (and drinking). The THIRD one will be held upstairs at the CHAC on Thursday, April 5th. The Make Contest will begin at 6:30; the Ask Later talks will begin at 8:30. Videos and photos from the previous Ignite are available. Admission is free.

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