Bridge Building at Ignite Seattle

Ignite is going to be a great night of makers, geeks, scientists, and innovators hanging out at the Capitol Hill Arts Center in Seattle. The fun will start at 6:30 with a Make: Magazine sponsored bridge building competition. Using popsicle sticks and hot glue, each team will have 30 minutes to make a bridge. Then we’ll weigh them down until each one is destroyed. The team who has the bridge that holds the most weight will win prizes. Stick around after the competition for some interesting presentations! All ages welcome until 10pm and then it becomes a 21 and over event.

This contest will be very informal since teams will only have 1/2 hour to make their bridges. I’m looking at the bridge building competition website and I got the above photo from and I really like his style of finding how much weight a bridge will hold by putting the scale right on the bridge.   Feel free to bring your own LED’s, wire and batteries to make your bridge light up!

We’ll be providing the popsicle sticks and some hot glue guns, but if you’ve got your own glue gun, bring it. Also, bring along your own eye protection please.

This will be my first bridge building competition and I’ll need help to help load the weights and pass out supplies. If you can help, shoot me an email at

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