More About Ask Later

Ask Later is going to be one of the main events at Ignite Seattle. This is the open mic part of the evening. Anyone who wants will get 5 minutes on stage with 20 slides, but with no control over them. The slides will rotate through at a rate of 15 seconds. Your talk can be about anything, but remember your audience. This is inspired by Pecha Kucha.

So far we have 4 speakers: Buster McLeod (AKA Erik Benson), Scott Berkun, Shelly Farnham, and Beth Goza. If you want to join them, sign up in the comments.
If you want to see an example here’s Matt Webb (author of Mind Hacks) doing a Pecha Kucha-style presentation. Matt is the speaker. The bald guy next to him is changing the slides.

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