Announcing Ignite Seattle!

Come to Ignite, a short-form, almost-unconference event. Seattle needs the occasional gathering of the geek tribe to spark new ideas and keep the mojo fresh. Be a part of it!

What we have:
The date: Thursday, December 7th- Make Seattle starts at 6:30; Main event starts at 8
A bar to call our own for the night – LowerLevel
No cover
One stage, two rooms
Wifi throughout

What you provide:
Ideas that need bouncing around
Projects you can’t put down
Musings you need to set loose

There are two spaces, so everyone will have the opportunity to speak and do their own thing. We already have Make: Club, Ask Later (5 minute talks with no interuptions), and Werewolves planned, but that’s just the beginning. Sure you can just come to lurk, but wouldn’t it be more fun to take the stage?
This event is being organized by Brady Forrest of O’Reilly Radar and Bre Pettis of Make:. We would love to hear your thoughts; this is a community event.


13 thoughts on “Announcing Ignite Seattle!”

  1. I’ll take a five minute slot! I just have to pick which of the six things I’d love to talk about I’ll do. As I have not been to an event like this before, if anyone wants to comment on what sort of talks work well in terms of content areas that would be great.

    Also, is there a question and answer session? I’m wondering how late in the evening I might get pushed as I am not a night person.

    I like the slides rotating every 15 seconds. I assume we just bring a USB key?

    Also, I may be carrying luggage, does anyone know if this place has a check room?


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