Everyone is a fraud so just roll with it – Hanna Brooks Olsen

From Hanna’s pitch:

I can count on one hand the number of jobs I’ve been hired to do wherein I was actually qualified, including cocktail waitress and janitor. But I need all of my digits to tally the jobs and gigs I’ve gotten based sheerly on pluck and youthful optimism.

About Hanna

During the day, Hanna Brooks Olsen is an Editorial Specialist at CreativeLive. You can find Hanna Brooks Olsen online at her Web site and on Twitter @mshannabrooks

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Stuck making a decision? Get help from a radioactive banana! – Elizabeth Grigg

From Elizabeth’s pitch:

Relying on data to make your decision for you? That’s for WIMPS. Hiding behind your data is a ROOKIE MOVE that gets you NOWHERE. That’s because data is either misinterpreted or WRONG in the first place. FINE FINE, you say, that’s all well and good, but these decisions won’t make themselves! What do we do? Do we have to go with our GUT? Is there a MIDDLE GROUND?? TELL US WHAT TO DO!

About Elizabeth
Elizabeth Grigg is a Project Manager at Prowess Consulting. You can find Elizabeth on Twitter @egrigg900

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Kitty Kafe – McRae Naayers

From McRae’s pitch:

A Cat Cafe is a place to buy yummy drinks and pay for time in a room of carefully selected cats. There is a huge boom of cat cafes in the world right now! The USA has yet to open a single one but three are trying in California while there is also 1 in Denver. Lets beat them all!

About McRae
McRae Naayers is a recent graduate of Seattle Pacific University and is currently busy planning the opening of Kitty Kafe in the U District. You can find out more about the Kitty Kafe at their site Seattle Kitty Kafe and on their Facebook page here.

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Speakers for Ignite Seattle 26

Our first Ignite of 2015 is ready to go on Wed Feb 18th 7pm/8pm at Town Hall Seattle. Tickets $5 at the door or in advance. Doors open at 7, with cash bar and a fun social game (you don’t have to play but you probably will despite what you think as you read this). Talks start at 8pm, with an intermission.

We received 50+ submissions, but alas, due to the laws of space and time we can only have so many speakers in an evening (If you know how to transcend space and time we’d love to have you speak about it).

Our usual fantastic MC Monica Guzman will be out of town doing super secret cool journalistic things. Filling in will be Scott Berkun, former-fill in host from Ignite 17 and multi Ignite Seattle veteran.

Here is our stellar roster of amazing speakers

The order of speakers for the evening is still TBD, but you really should come for the whole thing and get well more than your $5 worth:

Please spread the word. A great night awaits you and your friends.

Return to Krypton: What I gained when I lost my super powers – Candace Faber

From Candace’s pitch:

When I was a kid, I discovered I had a superpower–something I could do better than everyone around me. It got me scholarships for college, launched me into my dream career as a diplomat, and gave me my place in society. I felt like a superhero everywhere I went–from Afghanistan to Russia to Washington, DC–until I moved back to Seattle last year.

About Candace
Candace Farber runs a social enterprise called Whoa Strategies and also serves as a Director of Realize Impact. Follow her on Twitter @candacefaber.

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Fact check EVERYTHING – Jason Rantz

From Jason’s pitch:

A motto of my talk show is to fact check everything, in order to become a better consumer of news. I’ll go over how the media cherry picks data to fuel a specific narrative they want consumers to believe. I’ll use examples that challenge our ideological beliefs to show the audience how they’re being manipulated by the media.

About Jason
Jason Rantz is host of the Jason Rantz Show on KIRO Radio weeknights 7-10pm. You can find his tweets @jasonrantz

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In which flying robots bring us stuff – Matt Shobe

From Matt’s pitch:

You’ve probably heard plenty of fear and loathing about drones – especially anything to do with government, law enforcement, and foreign policy.

I’ve got a different take. Amazing things are starting to take shape with a host of human-scale flying robots. I’d like to introduce you to what farmers, surfers, realtors, brides-to-be, and a host of other everyday people are already realizing: “the internet of things” sometimes requires propellers – and incredible patience.

About Matt
Matt Shobe is a serial entrepreneur who most recently co-founded Spare5. You can find him on his personal blog, MatthewShobe.com and on Twitter @shobe.

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