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Ignite Seattle Talks on Video

Return to Krypton: What I gained when I lost my super powers – Candace Faber

From Candace’s pitch:

When I was a kid, I discovered I had a superpower–something I could do better than everyone around me. It got me scholarships for college, launched me into my dream career as a diplomat, and gave me my place in society. I felt like a superhero everywhere I went–from Afghanistan to Russia to Washington, DC–until I moved back to Seattle last year.

About Candace
Candace Farber runs a social enterprise called Whoa Strategies and also serves as a Director of Realize Impact. Follow her on Twitter @candacefaber.

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Fact check EVERYTHING – Jason Rantz

From Jason’s pitch:

A motto of my talk show is to fact check everything, in order to become a better consumer of news. I’ll go over how the media cherry picks data to fuel a specific narrative they want consumers to believe. I’ll use examples that challenge our ideological beliefs to show the audience how they’re being manipulated by the media.

About Jason
Jason Rantz is host of the Jason Rantz Show on KIRO Radio weeknights 7-10pm. You can find his tweets @jasonrantz

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In which flying robots bring us stuff – Matt Shobe

From Matt’s pitch:

You’ve probably heard plenty of fear and loathing about drones – especially anything to do with government, law enforcement, and foreign policy.

I’ve got a different take. Amazing things are starting to take shape with a host of human-scale flying robots. I’d like to introduce you to what farmers, surfers, realtors, brides-to-be, and a host of other everyday people are already realizing: “the internet of things” sometimes requires propellers – and incredible patience.

About Matt
Matt Shobe is a serial entrepreneur who most recently co-founded Spare5. You can find him on his personal blog, and on Twitter @shobe.

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Why Working at Microsoft Was Making Me Mentally Ill & How Bodybuilding Saved Me – Anushka Rehn

From Anushka’s pitch –

Bodybuilder … Narcissist, freak, muscle head, steroid use? I guarantee you; it’s not exactly what you think!

Bodybuilding is a little scientific, a little obsessive, a little self-hate, a little dedication and a little madness. From the inside, my cushy job seemed perfect, 80K- straight out of college, full benefits, I helped plan the last Bill Gates BBQ, I had a fancy car, but I was still utterly empty…

About Anushka
Anushka tweets at @Anushkasmind and you can find her on the web at

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Ignite 25 videos are up!

We had a hell of a show last week. Big thanks to Bootstrapper Studios for getting these ready for online in record time, and to all our speakers, of course, for absolutely killing it.

Here’s the whole playlist.

Here, the full recorded livestream (show starts at 26:30 or so):

And the breakdown:

See you back at Town Hall Seattle for our next event Tuesday, Feb. 18! Stay tuned for more…

Richard Yonck: How I Stopped Worrying About the Future and Learned to Love the Robot Apocalypse

What does Elvis have to do with the future. A lot, it turns out. Take a look inside the head of futurist Richard Yonck in this five-minute Ignite talk.

“Our future rarely turns out exactly the way we expect it to, either personally or on a global level. But there are strategies we can use in the face of inevitable and unexpected change.”

As a Foresight Analyst, I routinely explore the ways our world will change in the coming decades and how we might use this knowledge to create positive outcomes. I write for a range of publications including The Futurist Magazine, World Future Review, Wired, Fast Company and Psychology Today.

Daniel Lee: The 4 Step Guide to Becoming the 41st Best Rock Band in the World

A wonderful, concise, and helpful four step process to reaching no higher than 41st in Rock Band rankings. Yes, Rock Band the video game. And incidentally, life too. Daniel Lee at Ignite 24:

“Every 4 years, we have the privilege of watching the best athletes in the world compete on the grandest stage. To be 41st best in the world at snowboarding or hockey is one thing. To be in the 41st ranked Rock Band in the world? That’s a different story…”

Daniel Lee is a Data Ops Program Manager at