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Mixing Business and Pleasure – Martina Welke

When best friends Britta and Martina decided to start a business everyone from their grandmas to the grocery store clerk warned them against going into business with a friend. Four years later, they’ve collected some hilarious stories and a little bit of wisdom – best of all, they’re still best friends!

About Martina
Martina Welke is the cofounder & CEO of Zealyst, an enterprise platform that utilizes data analysis and games to build stronger corporate communities. She’s also a board member of Seattle Women in Technology. You can find her on Twitter @martinawelke.

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How I Became Seattle’s Premiere Kaleidescopist – Katarina Countiss

From Katarina’s pitch:

Last summer, I quit my job as a multimedia designer to go on a quest of creativity. My art was experimental before and it got a lot weirder. Kaleidescopy is a genre of art that allows for anything to be beautiful. It also has the power to transform beauty into terror (on occasion).

You can find Katarina Countiss on Twitter @katcountiss and learn more about her at

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Think Like an Artist – Bryan Ohno

Do you want to know the secret of how artist think creatively? Why they do what they do and their ability to go to parts of their brain and body where most of us will never go?

About Bryan

Bryan Ohno is a Seattle art gallerist who features up and coming contemporary artist from the Pacific Northwest and the Pacific Rim. His art career started in late 1980’s in Tokyo then worked with glass artist Dale Chihuly before opening his gallery in 1996, presently located in the International District, J-town neighborhood. You can find Bryan on Twitter @BryanOhno

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Speakers for Ignite Seattle 27

Our first themed Ignite event (Experimentation!) will be on May 20th 7pm/8pm at Town Hall Seattle. Tickets $5 at the door or in advance (we sold out last time). Doors open at 7pm, with cash bar and a fun social game (you don’t have to play but you probably will despite what you think as you read this). Talks start at 8pm, with an nicely sized intermission for you to do various acts of biology and sociology, including getting more drinks. We received more than 50 submissions but due to the laws of space and time we can only have 16 speakers in one event (If you know how to transcend space and time we’d love to have you speak about it).

Here is the spectacular list of amazing presenters:

(The order of speakers for the evening is still TBD, but you really should come for the whole thing and get far more than your $5 worth):

  • What If You Say Yes To Everything For 30 Days? – Jen Kellum Nausin
  • If You Draw A Comic You May Save The World – Jeremy Kayes
  • Save The Planet: Eat A Bug – Virginia Emery
  • Recipes For Trouble – Jessica Hagy
  • Naked In Public – Peter Toms
  • How To Make A Teenager Talk To You – Linda Breneman
  • Operation Honest Day’s Work – Norman Bell
  • Gravity’s Shameless Affinity For One Wheeled Things – Anna Fusaro
  • Lessons In Building A Universal Translator – Tanvi Surti
  • Why You Should Run Away From Home – Phil Cook
  • Traveling Alone: And So Can You – Danna Klein
  • Own Time Or Die Trying – Ahsan Kabir
  • Tone Deaf Diplomacy – Matthew Lee Johnston
  • Why Everyone Needs More D – Julia Heitz
  • What Coming To America Taught Me About Worry – Kevin Obbayi

Please spread the word. A great night awaits you and your friends.