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Tonight’s Speaker Lineup for Ignite 19

Here is the final lineup for tonight’s event at Town Hall. Speakers start at 8pm and we will be live streaming the event. If you’re tweeting, please use the hashtag #IS19, you can also watch that tag and our Twitter feed for live tweeting throughout the event.

1. Tae Phoenix – How to Write a Song
2. Jonathon – Colman Surviving as an Introvert in an Extroverted World
3. Wendy Hinman – We’re Gonna Die!
4. Lindsay Sharma -What do Swaziland, Papua New Guinea and the United States have in common?
5. Sara Kiesler – How to Give Up Cheese
6. Bruce Ryan – Nothing is Impossible
7. Adam Philipp – NETWORKING, the RPG


1. Jessika Satori – So you want to make an indie movie!
2. Forest Gibson – How to make a viral video (and why it’s not easy)
3. Kate Bergstrom – Online Dating Tips I Have Learned After Meeting Over 100 Men
4. Andrew Dumont – Projects: From Idea to Launch and Beyond
5. Sara McNally – How the downturn made me a small business owner (and why it was a good idea)
6. Hillel Cooperman – How I got seriously hurt at summer camp, and ended up meeting Donnie and Marie instead.
7. James Davenport – Mapping the United States of Starbucks
8. Geraldine DeRuiter – Sharing Personal News Online

Ten amazing reasons to come to Ignite 18 on Thursday

This Thursday (11/8) at 6:30pm is Ignite 18 – we’re thrilled to bring you another great show. If you’ve never been before, or have missed a few, this is a great one to come check out.

Here are ten amazing reasons to come to Ignite 18:

  1. We are at Town Hall, an awesome new venue with a fantastic bar (cash)
  2. Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn will be a speaker (and yes, he’ll be in the Ignite format)
  3. It will be livestreamed, so the back of your head might end up being broadcast around the world!
  4. If you’re a healthy cheapskate, we’ll teach you how to build your own standing desk
  5. CommonCraft founder Lee Leefver will teach you how to explain things
  6. Dr. Shelly Farnham will share why you should hate Facebook
  7. Alex Alviar will explain why being deaf is a SUPERPOWER
  8. Learn about life from a SURVIVOR of the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting
  9. It’s our 18th ignite, a number cleanly divisible by 6, 3, or 9! WOOT!
  10. Shauna Casey, VP of Decide, will confront her fear of public speaking LIVE
  11. There will be 8 more amazing talks that will blow your mind
  12. If you come early you will play an interactive game that will make you love your life
  13. We’re so excited we forgot how to count
  14. We promise not to say the words: election, ballot, pundit or poll

You will hate  yourself if you don’t come. Go here to buy tickets.

Doors open at 6:30pm. Talks start at 8:00pm.